We Are Voodle

Culture Book

Founding Voodle Team - energized and ready to make Voodle a reality and bring human connection back to business 🥳

Team Voodle

We are a team of rock stars & super stars with a passion for unleashing the power of asynchronous short video (ASV) to bring human connection back and letting you be your authentic self.


Press play to hear the Voodle Manifesto

Our Mission

Transform how next generation teams connect, align, and collaborate

Our Solution

Voodle is the relationship-based video messaging platform that connects you with the candidates, clients, colleagues, and collaborators who keep your business moving. Wins at work require trusted connections, but leaning on parades of zoom calls and feverish email follow-ups to build rapport can quickly snowball into burnout and weak ties. Don’t settle for easily eroded relationships. Choose short asynchronous video messaging to reinforce agency and unlock agility without sacrificing authenticity in your work.

"Voodle accelerates the establishment of trust with colleagues, customers, and candidates, with short video messaging."

Joah Gonzalez, Product

Our Values

"Our values provide a guiding light for the decisions we make each day."

Beverly Vessella, Product

Be the Protagonist

We draw inspiration from unlikely heroes like Ripley – the hero of the Alien films. She is not in a leadership position and she exists in a cinematic universe where a woman has never been the hero. But she takes the reins and is the hero. She reminds us that everyone on the crew can be the protagonist on any given day. We want everyone on our team to feel empowered to make things happen.

  • Be the protagonist: Be the star, Own it, Lead it. Don't just point out the problem, go fix it. Don't wait for the captain to solve it--he's about to get eaten. Ripley starts off timid and unsure of her role, but, through action and daring, emerges uniquely battle-tested and survives. Be brave, Use your grit.

  • Get s#!% done: Act now, Don’t overthink. Keep moving forward, trying new things... when her colleagues are curling up into protective fetus posture in fear, Ripley comes up with plans and tries innovative things to trap/kill the alien.

  • Fail fast in public: It’s ok! Have a bias for action. Try, err, try again. Ripley doesn’t focus on avoiding mistakes, but she does care about not getting eaten. We can make lots of mistakes and learn from them--just as long as they aren't fatal!

  • Dare to disrupt: Be a pioneer. Just because nobody is doing something doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ripley come from the same school of finding their own path and making their own rules. The world doesn’t always know what it needs and sometimes

If you see a problem with a feature in the product, don't feel comfortable with our customer support plan, or have identified a communication challenge among the team--great, that's the first step. Now, like Ripley, do something about it.

Inclusivity mindset

We seek and embrace diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and points of view. We seek to build systems within our organization that sustain teammates of a variety of backgrounds and to learn and grow from our failures. We are better together. You won’t always be involved in every decision, but we aim to be transparent about what was decided and why.

  • Yes, And: Borrowing from improvisational theater, we know the power of saying Yes, And” over “No, But” when working together. We work hard to listen and build better ideas collaboratively, while also balancing the need to commit quickly.

  • Know what you don’t know: Adam Grant, author of Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, says it all “Doubt what you know, be curious about what you don’t, and update your views based on new data.” We are curious and ask questions and work hard not to make assumptions, whether that’s about people or ideas. We know we have blindspots and know we need to lean into those in order to keep growing.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is everyone’s job: DEI is not a department or a person, it’s all of us and everything we do. Be a good ally, Educate yourself*, Understand that bias exists, Work to intervene and be better, Lead with empathy. This is a journey, we know that we have work to do.

*explore this and this list of anti-racist resources to get started

User-centricity as a lifestyle

We live to delight voodlers and improve their work lives. We are early in this journey. We work hard to understand our data and connect with our users and learn, learn, learn.

  • Listening as a superpower: Getting direct feedback and talking to our customers is a bit of an obsession. This often happens within Voodle via our lively Customer Advisory Board Voodle Team as well as through individual teams Voodlers are engaged in. Happy (or unhappy) users are our lifeblood so, if you meet a Voodler, they will probably ask you about potential use cases and product feedback - it all ends up in our Customer Stories stream in Voodle.

  • It’s all about the data: We are total data nerds and obsessively watch our dashboards to learn from our users how we can improve the voodling experience. We strive to serve our users and know the best inspiration is measuring how people are already using Voodle. Our users are our teachers and we challenge ourselves to convert data and stories into actionable insights. We are desperately seeking our magic numbers.

  • We are Voodlers and voodlers*: Voodling is a way of life and we are constantly discovering new ways it brings value to our team and our day to day lives. We constantly ask ourselves if our product is compelling, not just interesting.

*Voodler = someone who works at Voodle; voodler = someone who voodles

How We Work

The Voodle Bullseye

When we made the decision to become an all-remote company, we scoured books, blogs, and resources to cull together the best practices for remote teams. Turns out, it's not that much different from what makes a successful team in any context - alignment, trust and effective communication will make or break you. Working from anywhere means you have to be much more deliberate about how you pull it off. Gone are the days where Tuesday lunch deliveries, Quarterly Offsites, and First Thursday Happy Hours help build trust and camaraderie. Shared office spaces have the advantage of building mutual knowledge with little to no effort. With a distributed team, it's different. Luckily we have Voodle to fill the gap.

"Aligned workers, we found, are those who feel connected to their company’s vision and strategy. Equipped with this insight into the bigger picture, they approach their work with optimistic purpose and feel empowered to take action." - Slack, State of Work 2019


  • We collectively know what we are trying to achieve and what success looks like.

  • We have clarity, understanding, and commitment to our role in: living our mission/vision/values AND delivering on our milestones/goals/objectives.

  • This is our juicy center. The critical core.


  • We trust each other to do what is right to meet milestones and achieve our mission.

  • Trust is earned when team members follow through on their commitments. We are accountable to each other.

  • We are professionals and are all working toward the same goals.

  • We give teammates the benefit of the doubt. We are grownups.

  • This is what makes Voodle a great place to work.

Effective Communication

  • By communicating well, we build alignment and trust.

  • This is what holds it all together and moves us forward.

"The core of a successful remote team is alignment - everyone knows what they're doing and why it's important."

Rachel Lanham, Growth

Culture Balance

It's the big things

  • We believe a healthy, thriving culture is essential to our success, so we pay close attention and invest heavily.

  • It starts with knowing and embodying who we are, what we believe, and why we are here.

  • Our people = Our company. If those people are aligned and connected the chance of building something awesome goes way up.

And the little things

  • We use surveys to ensure consistent feedback loops.

  • The language of our Voodle Values is integrated into our daily conversations, team shout-outs, and slack emojis.

  • We use Voodle to capture and share moments of authenticity that build culture - like in our shout-outs and kudos (aka Koodles) chat.

  • We have fun together, whether that’s Minecraft playdates, lunch buddies, virtual wine tasting classes, expressing gratitude, or a game of trivia.

  • We use emotional contagion for good not evil – you will often hear “we’ve got this” or “this is tough, but I know we can handle it” during our Zoom calls.

Work Balance


  • Know your goals and go hard against them

  • Leverage technology to reduce distractions

  • We use our rituals to ensure the team has lots of time to build


  • It’s important to regularly look up and take in different perspectives and “get out of your head”

  • We use our rituals to ensure the team has some structured time to learn and connect


  • Carve out non-working time each day

  • Respect boundaries – yours and others

  • Take time off – as much as you need – and don’t check in while you're gone!

Decision Balance

Consensus is great, but individual execution and velocity is better!


This is our nature, we are a very collaborative team and love to share and debate ideas

Some decisions should be group decisions


Team members are trusted to make informed, wise decisions quickly and autonomously

Most decisions are made by empowered individuals

This bias for decisive action is reflected in many of our Voodle Values that Ripley embodies:
Get shit done, Be a protagonist, Dare to be disruptive, Fail fast in public.

However, balance is key,
Know what you don’t know and Yes, And mean we get the insight and input
as needed from internal and external sources to build confidence.

Where Work Gets Done

It's about WHAT gets done, not WHERE. It's all about putting in "a good day's work" every workday.


  • We are a remote-first team; there is no HQ, Voodle/Voodlers are everywhere

  • We all create a designated place for work with all the things – good internet, low traffic, lighting, appropriate hardware, and, of course, a comfortable chair that cues working mentality

Not @Home

  • If at-home is not a reliable option, we’ll hook you up with a co-working space near you (with other local Voodlers when possible)

  • Do your best heads down work going to the local coffee shop for the day? Go for it! Explore where you can do your best work.

Rituals We Live By

Our rituals support the Voodle Bullseye and our heads up and heads down time


Core collaboration hours 9-2 PST; 12-5 EST




"Final Fridays" - half day starting 2PM local time

Every 6 Wks

Board meeting presentations & milestone check-in


Remote diversity & development offsites


Team kickoff, connection, and vacation

"Rituals are important to Voodle! We kick off our week with a Boom Meeting where we come together and talk about what's to come. We have a Wrap meeting to summarize the week. Our new core collaboration hours help us all excel at remote work."

Aaron Rhodes, Marketing

Tools We Use

We are masters at synchronizing asynchronously! Read more about tools & rules here.

"The thing I love about being at Voodle is that our engineering team has some pretty interesting problems to solve."

Daryl Thayil, Engineering

Development Process

We build software...

Everything we do at Voodle is customer-focused. Each new feature begins with thoughtful planning that incorporates our product vision, customer feedback, internal insight, analytics, and collaborative discussion to identify key scenarios and user stories. Our development process is inclusive, and we welcome diverse input from all members of the Voodle team—not just engineering.

User stories are turned into detailed specification documents that describe each feature in more detail. These documents become the focus of group discussions that we call Space Jams, where we talk through the architecture and technical implementation of each feature.

While members of the development team each have their own specialties, anyone can work on any aspect of our product development, and we encourage cross-pollination. Not only is this a great way to collaborate, but it also gives our developers a way to explore tools, languages, and technologies that interest them and to expand their skillset.

At Voodle, we have a value called: fail fast in public. This value promotes the ability to experiment, take risks, and innovate with an agile release schedule that puts features into the hands of testers and customers quickly, allowing for a tight feedback loop that leads to continuous product improvement. After a new set of features is released, we start the process over again, incorporating everything we learned along the way.

We use modern tools, continuous integration, and single-button deployment and rollback. We strongly prefer everything to be buildable from source, ideally in an automated fashion. We use Jira to track progress on features and bug reports.

A Note About Distributed Teams

We are decentralized. We work to master asynchronous workflows and respect core collaboration hours.

We are optimistic about the future of work

  • Distributed teams are a positive force in the world

  • Team transformation - opens up a global talent pool, improves accessibility, diversity, and authenticity

  • Positive environmental impact

  • Responsible “Cap Ex” – allows budget and time to be spent on people and producing, not on things like rent and commute

We aim to be truly great at remote working together

  • This is still a work in progress

  • Our rituals, collaboration tech stack, and ways of working are optimized to sustain our Bullseye

  • It’s not about when & where work gets done – aggressive outcomes, not aggressive hours

  • While office based environments have the luxury of leaning on shared experiences and physical spaces to effortlessly create mutual knowledge, we must diligently watch for failures of mutual knowledge like unevenly distributed information, missing context, or difficulty interpreting the meaning of silence.

  • We seek clarity in all of our communication - “everything vague will be interpreted negatively” when working remotely.

Voodle is conceived to support the new workplace

  • We are an important part of this revolution

A note about change

Voodle is a startup which means we all signed up for constant change and lots of ambiguity! We learn, we adjust. But change can still be difficult. We strive to run toward our new path instead of resist or trudge!

Shout out to Britt Andreatta who taught us all about change journeys and more.

Are You a Voodler?

"What I love about our team here at Voodle is that we're not afraid to be our quirky individual selves, but we still know at the end of the day that we're all on the same team, pulling in the same direction."

Lisa Tripathi, HR

How do you know if Voodle is the place for you?

  • Our mission, vision, and values resonate with you.

  • You go all in. You live for scary goals and do everything you can to achieve them.

  • You act like a Voodler. Voodlers are optimistic, candid, autonomous, genuine, curious, super productive, excellent at what they do, impatient, a bit weird, strangely comfortable with ambiguity, and universally obsessed with podcasts. We make each other better.

  • Your impact is felt; people notice when you aren’t there.

  • You have good judgement and people trust you. You don’t need a lot of rules and policies to know the right thing to do.

  • You recognize that change is hard, but you sign up anyway to be part of a dynamic startup environment where change is a constant. Voodlers say “yes” and run toward our collective goals.

  • You speak, read, and write English fluently.

Ready to join the team?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to get to know you better! Here's what to do next.

  • All open positions are posted on our website. See something that interests you? Apply directly online & we’ll review your application.

  • Our interview process will be 100% virtual

  • You’ll get to meet virtually with several members of the team. We’ll want to learn more about your skills & experiences, as well as your fit with our cultural values. We'll answer any questions you have. And we’ll share more insider perspective on what it’s really like to work here, which may even include a project for you to complete on your own.

  • Portions of our screening and interviewing process occur on Voodle. Try it now for free and let us know what you think about the current version of the product when we meet!

Team Voodle "all in" on achieving a big customer milestone.

Our Benefits

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) program.

  • 100% Company-paid health benefits program (medical, dental, vision) for all employees and their dependents.

  • A calendar of formal company holidays as well as a winter shut-down week.

  • A company 401k plan, which includes an up to 4% matching contribution from the company.

  • Remote working program, which includes monthly allowance as well as initial home office set-up or hoteling desk fees covered.

See the Official Voodle Employee Handbook and Voodle Benefits for more detailed description of these programs and additional benefits.

Welcome to the team!

We know that onboarding is a critical factor to success – particularly when working in a remote environment – and we’re committed to helping you get off to the best possible start! We even published a toolkit on how Voodle can make onboarding better! Here are some of the things you can expect as a new Voodler:

Before you arrive: We can’t wait to have you on the team!

  • Equipment ordered & delivered to your work location so you can hit the ground running

  • All official paperwork signed, sealed & delivered (electronically, of course!)

  • Start reading through our Culture Book and getting to know the team virtually

Day 1: We’re glad you’re here!

  • Meet with your manager – share team objectives, set individual expectations, answer questions

  • Meet your “welcome buddy” who will help guide you through your first few weeks (and answer more questions)

  • Record your first official Voodle to introduce yourself to the team in the #helloworld chat

Week 1: Lots to learn

  • Join in on our weekly rituals – Boom, Culture Weds, No meeting Thurs, Fri wrap. Participate in your first #voodlechallenge

  • Get to know the team – we’ll set up 1-on-1 introductory meetings with colleagues

  • Start getting stuff done (GSD)!

Month 1/ Ongoing: Be a successful part of the team

  • Regular touch base meetings with your manager – opportunity for 2-way feedback

  • More rituals – social events, development opportunities, etc…

  • Provide us with your feedback on the onboarding process – how can we do it better?

Growth & Development Mindset

As a small(ish) team with a flat organizational structure, we believe strongly that you’ll learn an incredible amount at Voodle while “on the job” – by taking ownership of critical business projects, wearing as many hats as will fit on your head, and interacting with the incredible team of colleagues around you. Consistent with our values (Be the Protagonist, Know What You Don’t Know), we encourage all employees to take a leadership role in their own development… and let us know how we can help!

  • Build a foundation – we provide regular opportunities for more formal professional development in areas that help build our culture and foster interpersonal skills we all can benefit from (For example, previous sessions have covered topics such as: Communication Styles, Influence without Authority, Diversity & Inclusion, etc.)

  • Choose your own adventure – we do not have formal, structured job training programs, but we do support you (with our words, time, and $$) to pursue job-related training that will help you grow and develop your own skills

  • Be the captain of your own ship – we invite you to be your own best career advocate. Talk openly with your manager about your career aspirations, ask for an introduction to a potential mentor (inside or outside the organization), volunteer for a special project that interests you. We do not have structured career paths or strict promotional criteria in place, but we do provide lots of opportunity for continued growth, no matter where you are in your career.

Parting Thoughts

That’s it! Thanks for stopping by. If you are a newly minted Voodler, welcome to the team. Let’s do great things together. If you don’t work at Voodle, HI THERE!! You just might be the next Voodler. Check out our job openings here. Or just try Voodle for free and let us know what you think!

Have a suggestion to make our Culture Book even better? Add your ideas or edits here.

"It's been a blast building the first product and we are just getting started as a team"

Forest Key, CEO

PS – A huge thank you to the community of leaders that we continually draw inspiration from - companies that are transparent about who they are and what it means to be a part of their team. Especially, Toptal’s Suddenly Remote Playbook, Automattic’s About Us page, Valve’s Employee Handbook, Netflix’s Culture Memo, GitLab's Culture Site, Remote: Office Not Required by 37Signals founders, Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella, and so many more.